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SA Live Invites Chef Elaiho for a Halloween Cooking Demo

You don't want to miss this episode of SA Live where chef Adesuwa Elaiho shows you how to make spooky Halloween treats for your next event.

In a delightful segment on SA Live, the popular morning news show, viewers in San Antonio, Texas, were treated to a special culinary demonstration by the talented Chef Adesuwa Elaiho. Known for her exceptional skills and creative flair, Chef Elaiho brought her expertise to the show, teaching the local TV hosts and viewers how to create spooky yet delicious cajeta-filled cupcakes – a perfect treat for the Halloween season.

The segment was a blend of fun, laughter, and learning as Chef Elaiho guided the hosts through the intricacies of baking these unique cupcakes. The cajeta, a traditional Mexican caramel-like syrup, adds a rich and indulgent flavor to the cupcakes, making them an irresistible Halloween treat. Chef Elaiho's easy-to-follow instructions and expert tips ensured that even novice bakers could feel confident in trying their hand at these spooky delights.

Throughout the show, Chef Elaiho's passion for baking and teaching shone through, as she effortlessly engaged with the hosts and the audience. Her lively and approachable demeanor made the segment not just informative but also highly entertaining.

For those looking to impress at their next Halloween party, this segment was a goldmine of inspiration. Chef Elaiho's demonstration highlighted that with the right guidance from a pro like her, anyone can create show-stopping treats that are as tasty as they are visually appealing. The episode ended on a high note, with everyone relishing the sweet and spooky cajeta-filled cupcakes, a testament to Chef Elaiho's culinary prowess. This segment on SA Live was not only a learning experience but a reminder of the joys of baking and celebrating festive occasions with mouth-watering treats.

Watch the segment here